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Learn English to Success
Author:International College Click:247 Time:2011-10-27 12:53:19

5pm, Oct 26th 2011, lecture room 403 in Build B welcomed all the freshmen of Class2015 in ICBUA. They were here for a lecture named "Learn English to Success". As a major part of the advising program for the new students, Ning Li, English course manager of International College, hosted the lecture. Tiejun Liu, vice president of International College also presented himself. 

Prior to the lecture, upper classers presented the new students with their carefully prepared "mini stage plays" on campus life. In their laughter, the latter ones indentified with the real campus life and visualized the importance of hard-working. In his lecture, Mr. Li included the following topics:     1. General Guidance; 2. Entrance Test/IELTS; 3. Vocabulary learning; 4. Grammar learning; 5. Self-learning.  

On general guidance, he emphasized that "students should FOCUS on their job--learning." On the entrance exam, he pointed out this is a test for using the language rather than knowing about the language. As to grammar and vocabulary learning, he believed that besides working hard, students should find his/her learning style and make progress step by step. Last but not least, top English learners at BUA--Johnson Suo, Michael Yang and Juno Zhang elaborated the significance of self-learning with their own stories.   

By the end of the lecture, all new students were grouped into three. With the help from upper classers and their class assistants, they draw the "blue print" for their future learning on the blank paper. Some even won the gifts of English learning CD, which wraps plenty of grammar and test material for self-learning.       

In this one hour gathering, all students were attentively participating. The lecture has realized it preset goal of "gaining students' confidence and direct their learning". A from-heart applause was given to all the parties involved in preparing the lecture and making it happen.