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International College organized an English Salon
Author:International College Click:292 Time:2011-10-25 12:45:24

International College organized an English Salon at B405 on 20th October, 2011 Thursday 18:30. Foundation and some Year 1 students attended the event.
 The event organized by the Study Union, which aims to help the Foundation year students adapt to college life as soon as possible, understand the characteristics of the International College and clarify their goals. Sophomore students learn the characteristics of this profession. And make their study plans, clear the positions. Through the exchange platform, cross-grade barriers, and unite together.
   The English Salon has been divided in three parts. The discussion has been operated by groups.
     Each group has been given a topic which will help students to fit in their college life. The topic includes the following aspects:the structure of BUA, teaching staffs of International College, how to react in emergency, and etc. So, students can get to know the campus in different aspects.
   The second topic is discussion relate to "Food ","Dorm", "Transport", "studying" and "playing". According each part, we spread and extend the discussion. The main purpose is indepth understanding of college and surrounding.
Finally, a free discussion has been taken. Everyone is free to raise his or her question and find the answer together.