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Improve teaching quality and learning environment’s beautification--International College Teaching Symposium
Author:International College Click:397 Time:2011-12-07 08:56:16


In order to  improve  the quality of teaching,  combined with  the school  teaching requirements, at 15:30 on November 30, International College students held a teaching symposium.  Zhang Zhiyong, president of the International School, Party branch secretary Tan Feng attended the forum. Vice President Liu Tiejun presided over the forum. Counselors Zhu Tao, Guo chuanzhen and all grades of student representatives participated in this forum.


Zhang Zhiyong, president of the International Institute stressed at the meeting the main purpose of this meeting, namely to improve the quality of teaching and beautify the teaching environment. Discussion of teaching and the students made ??life of common problems, improve and resolve them.


Student representatives  put forward their views and recommendations, and on teaching students how to promote the work carried out in depth.

Party branch secretary Tan Feng, fully affirmed the significance of the forum, the forum proposed for teaching aspects of a detailed answer, and encourage student representatives, usually to pay attention to the issue of the collection  in order to facilitate timely accurately reflected in the professional courses the forum, thereby contributing to improvement of teaching quality.

Zhang Zhiyong, dean of students at the meeting praised the performance of the active learning spirit of the recommendations made sure the students. And that the students will do our best to resolve these questions, provide a better learning environment and living environment.

He hoped that every international college students to do well with the international integration of mental preparation, for their high demand and improve their quality and ability, the same time, to be honest man, work hard, learn the rules and order, establish the correct outlook on life and values.