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International College Freshmen representatives convened the Forum
Author:International College Click:429 Time:2011-12-07 09:04:38


To better understand the new students, enhance interaction between students and teachers, held in the afternoon of December 1, 2011 in our college - level students representative forum. Meeting was presided over by Guo Chuanzhen, General Secretary, Deputy Secretary of the party branch, Vice President of Liu Tiejun, attended the Forum.
At the meeting, the students took the floor, made his living teaching, curriculum, problems and suggestions in. Interaction between teachers and students with each other, the atmosphere was very warm. Discussion on teachers and students at the same time, records the puzzles and problems of students in learning and in life, hope to help you as soon as possible. On the issue of morning exercises and morning, we reached a consensus.
Vice President Liu Tiejun stressed at the meeting, as a student of the school of international, from now on, to recognize the urgency and importance of learning, learn to self learning, learning self-management. At the same time, to gradually develop good habits, went abroad early intention, to plan for the future.
2011 international college - level all the class Committee, hostel long to participate in the Conference.