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International College mobilization meeting About IELTS
Author:International College Click:346 Time:2012-02-24 09:40:04

At 3:15 pm ,February 16, International College  was held mobilization meeting about IELTS at A215. Foundation students attended the event. Tiejun Liu, vice president of International College attended the meeting and made a speech. 

 At the meeting, Commissary in charge of study emphasized the importance of IELTS to the classmates and shared learning experience. Monitor suggested that the students discover a problem, solve problems In the whole learning process, and to remember reviewing the lesson what the teacher speak after class .

 Vice President Liu Tiejun reviewed the IELTS test in previous years and repeatedly stressed the importance of the exam. he reminded everyone to pay attention to a problem which was ignored in common,and gave students many suggestions.

By the end of the first year, Foundation students MUST pass the British Entrance test to gain access to Year one(with score equal to IELTS 5.5). Examination time is on May 10.