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From “roast duck” to IELTS
Author: Click:387 Time:2012-02-24 09:42:34

At 12:40 February 22,  IELTS Sprint Lecture of international college held in B403. Grade11 all students listened to lecture. This lecture was given by teacher Li Ning .

 With the coming of a new semester, in order to get high marks, our new IELTS candidates joined in the sprint. Teacher Li Ning analyzed the methods of enhance learning English ability from listening English, oral English, writing and reading four aspects. To help you distinguish the extracurricular IELTS class -- between "sprint class" and "normal version", he emphasized the students don't blindly take lessons and what we should do was .to suit the medicine to the illness. What’s more, don't let the tutorial time and the school normal learning time have conflict. He suggested that students should make full use of convenience resources, and communicate between the classmate in English. Regard the communication as your own spoken English, listening practice. Thus, it can improve their spoken English, but also do good to  the hearing training.

At the lecture, Li Nng teacher let “roast duck " understand this year IELTS exam trend clearly ,  and  with an example of  an elder sister who obtained 7.5 high score in the IELT S, analyzed high marks learning experience to the classmates . Li Ning teacher singled out "problem is not just do it".

The lecture was end with students' chorus "Get to know the test like you are the test writer!"  This lecture like “something capable of setting somebody's mind at ease” eased the students on after a month of IELTS test pressure , I believe we will be to get good grades in the upcoming exam.