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International college will start student time attendance system with“the compus card "
Author:International college Click:447 Time:2012-03-08 13:30:10

These days, International college and network information center discussed repeatedly about the time attendance system. The discussion aiming at deepping the application of the smart card system and promote the management. After two weeks of discussion and software development, it has been shaping and expected to use soon.

The International college will first trial in freshman grade, and implement in college after the matured. The original attendance system will not be changed in trial period. The network information center will also gradually perfect the student time attendance system.

The student time attendance system is designed by course template, it corresponded up with class time, number of class. Attendance personnel through the swipe record can see the which students in this course was late and absences.

The work attendance checking system is monitoring online, therefore leadership and teachers may log in the website to know any course attendance. The international college is checking the imformation recently. In addition, in order to prevent student swipe card instead other student, the device will be charged by the teachers.

According the rigorous appraisal system, attendance management would be fast standardized, moreover to save time for attendance personnel after the system implementation. As the same time, it simplified attendance statistics work, helping work efficiency and quality of International college.