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Visit of Harper Adams University College Student support Delegation
Author:International College Click:430 Time:2012-04-26 08:55:19

April 18th -23th, 2012, leader of Harper Adams University College Student Services Center, Bacca, sports person Ben and his party came to the school talked about exchange program. They met junior students and also communicated details in Harper Adams College accommodation, student activities, and other circumstances. Vice Principal Xiaolin Du, International College president Zhiyong Zhang, International College Party branch secretary Feng Tan, vice president Tiejun Liu had a warm reception with the party.

3:30 pm, April 19th, 2012, the International College vice president Liu Tiejun, student trainer Guo and Zhu had a meeting on students situation. They reached a consensus on strengthen the junior abroad training.

On the morning of April 20, the delegation had meetings with students department, Sports Ministry, Youth League and other departments. Director of Student Affairs Office, BaoPing Han Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Office of the YuGang Guo met with the delegation. Director of Student Affairs Office, Bao-Ping Han Details of the students, Guo introduced the school aid, loans, awards, diligence and the situations. The two sides exchange views on the program.

Harper Adams University College Delegation had a meeting with BUA as well. Sports director HuiChuan Wang, the Teaching Party branch secretary XiuDi Ma, a professor of the Sports Ministry Jiang Li, Sports Department Director ZhanNing Gou, deputy director Miao Zhao, director of the Office of the Sports Ministry Xiaojie Xu attended. Sports director Wang Huichuan talked zbout schools sports activities, Professor Li Jiang describes the school sports science, Sports Department deputy director Zhao Miao introduced sports teams. The delegation was very interested in school sports activities. Both sides discussed deeply on how to make a progress on the Western sport of rugby and other in-depth exchanges.

Youth League secretary SangYang Li, deputy director of undergraduate education Art Center Yue Wang, Youth League secretary of the School of Landscape Architecture Zhao Ju, received the delegation. School club activities are briefly introduced and compared.

April 23th, the delegation met junior students face-to-face and also communicated details in Harper Adams College accommodation, student activities, and other circumstances. The delegation also answered questions separately with interests students.

During the visit, the delegation visited the school campus, the University of Science and Technology Park, library, swimming pool, gymnasium and student dormitories, watched the basketball game of the Communist Youth League organizations in schools, cultural activities of the magic show party, sign language performances, guitar performance evening and so on. The delegation thinks highly of hardware facilities in BUA.