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【International Cultural Exchange Festival feature stories】 the training project on before leaving preparation held as scheduled
Author:International College Click:262 Time:2012-09-21 18:24:21


      On June 28, 2012, 9:00 AM, in teaching building B211, the International College for the junior students to open “before leaving training scheduled” to start. As the opening of the training program, we invited the Dean of College of Humanities Tong Zhanjun to offer a presentation for the students who are going to study in UK on the topic of “legal knowledge during your study aboard”.


Subsequently, the four final-year students and a graduate will be based on their respective topics for the junior students to carry out lectures and describes the personal experience and useful experience. International College counselor Zhu Tao will guide” the important issues in preparation and precautions before go aboard", as the items of the students to carry out study to prepare the guidance and the safety aspects of the study period. College Employment Office is responsible for the teacher invited students to engage in "Career Planning" training seminars. Finally, the combination of the International College exchange student projects, visiting tutor from the U.S. will offer two presentations on American culture in the training session. The training project lasted seven days, until July 6.