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English Language Course

The International College and English Language Centre of Deaken University have jointly launched an English language training programme for the students study in BAC-HAU programme to develop their English language skills in communication and academic works. It is comprised by the following modules delivery by foreign teachers. 

Comprehensive English 1 & 2 

This intensive training course is designed to help Foundation Year students to build on their foundations for accurate and fluent communication by extending grammatical, lexical and functional skills. It offers training on listening, speaking, reading and writing. On successful completion of this course, students will be deemed to be qualified for overseas degree course study. 


English 1 is designed to improve and develop English language proficiency for the academic study of food retail and international business.  The module reflects the importance of communicating accurately and effectively.   It aims to increase the overall proficiency in English beyond an upper intermediate level of English through the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. 

English 2 

English 2 is designed for students who have successfully completed English 1 and want to increase the overall proficiency in English to a post intermediate level. The purpose of this module is to develop further English language proficiency for academic study and to enable students to function effectively in a work-related context, specifically within the food retail and international business sectors.